Polite Moves is the premiere pole dancing event company. Putting together some of the most talented local performers, Polite Moves promises to deliver shows and competitions unlike any other. Your senses will be overloaded as dancers twirl, spin, and climb their way up poles, fabrics and ropes.

Pole dancing is fast becoming a worldwide phenomenon reaching countries such as Australia, Japan, Scotland, Italy, and South Africa. Hopeful to debut in Rio at the 2016 Olympics, Pole Dancing is revolutionizing the performing arts industry. Nationally, it has taken the U.S. by storm. Private studios, gyms and girl night out parties are popping up. With the talent that has emerged combining groundbreaking moves mixed together with endurance, flexibility, strength, gymnastics and dance we have created a unique platform of entertainment.

Check out the buzz and consider adding the WOW factor to your next event.

Before you know it, you'll be trying on platform heels, putting together play lists, and shaking it like no ones watching.